I have been completely addicted to getting 'that perfect shot' ever since I studied Visual Arts at Plymouth University almost 20 years ago(!)

Much to the boredom of my husband and children, a family holiday mainly consists of me crouching on the ground shouting "do that again!" or "hold still!" but now, after having my second child, I decided to make my passion into my profession and take pictures of more willing models! I left my job of 10 years as a Picture Researcher / Photo Editor at a wonderful picture library called Image Source with a view to becoming a freelance photographer. With a fortuitous meeting with an influential fashion blogger Zoë De Pass, I was able to start carving my path in the world.  Two years on, I feel very lucky to have worked with so many amazing and inspiring people and have a nice body of work that I am proud to show. 

I have a love for colourful and fun people and get a kick out of helping my clients to get the right shot. I like to capture the mood of the moment and the spirit of the person or object that I am shooting. People, Interiors, products, places - I enjoy shooting anything and everything. 

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